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Chocolate Country

30 mars 2010

Après le poisson hier, parlons chocolat aujourd’hui avec la vidéo suivante, extrait d’un film paru en 2007 et primé aux Etats-Unis.

L’histoire se passe en République Dominicaine, dans un petit village qui a décidé de lutter contre le système en place. Ainsi que l’exprime le pitch:

« In the isolated hill towns of the Dominican Republic, cacao farmers have been fighting a losing battle with the global economy (and hundreds of opportunistic middlemen) for as long as anyone can remember. “Chocolate Country” is the story of a village with a plan to turn the system on its head. Like many poor farmers, the people of Loma Guacanejo have never been able to afford herbicides or pesticides. Shifting demands in the first world are about to turn this disadvantage into an advantage. If the farmers can certify their cocoa beans “organic”, and leverage the benefits of « Fair Trade », their product could instantly double – even triple – in value…

What the Loma Guacanejo cooperative is fighting for amounts to a win-win situation for consumers and growers. For consumers, it provides an alternative to the unsanitary and unappetizing conditions of conventional production, where cacao is dried on roadside tarps and exposed to rain, mold, car exhaust and wandering livestock. For growers, it promises a fairer, more direct relationship with the marketplace, and a better income for households where running water is still a rarity and electricity a far-off dream. »

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Je ne sais pas si une diffusion en France est prévue, mais en attendant n’hésitez pas à aller sur le site du film

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