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How to… make local food happen in your community

4 septembre 2009

Rob Hopkins vient de co-écrire un livre avec sortir un livre sur l’alimentation locales Tamzin Pinkerton (cf. cette ITW en anglais sur le site Transition Culture). Ce livre sortira le 17 septembre prochain au Royaume-Uni et marque le début d’une série de livre « How To »…


Vous pouvez lire ici l’introduction intégrale de l’ouvrage, sur le site de Rob Hopkins.

Actualisation: cet article publié sur Transition Culture le 5 octobre 2009 fait une revue de l’ouvrage. A retenir dans leur analyse:

The Transition movement is all about positivity, and it is incredibly positive for people, for groups, for communities, to begin to take control of how their food is supplied, where from, and how it is grown. One of the successes of this book is that it shows that there are so many ways to reconnect with local food, and in so many forms, that there isn’t any excuse really left for not making some step towards local food! As a long-time vegetarian who is supplied via an organic box scheme and buys local/seasonal food if forced into a supermarket, this book showed me that there is so much more I could do. There is no one-size fits all solution to local food, but Tamzin Pinkerton has provided enough shapes for all to fit into.

There is much to like about this book. Each chapter is dedicated to different approaches to local food, from garden shares to food coops to food directories – many complementary. Each chapter follows a similar comprehensive format – an overview of the method, guest commentary, several case studies, then tips and further resources. It doesn’t tell you precisely what to do, but it tells you what you can do and gives you the metaphorical seed and (organic) fertiliser to find out for yourself how to do it. As a handbook for anyone wanting to get a local food project off the ground, this is a valuable resource, providing many ideas and inspiration. It is also heartening to see examples of projects up and running, filled with people who love food, and love it local. The numerous benefits of locally sourced food are also covered in the book and don’t need repeating by me here.

(…) There are many recipe books out there and Local Food is a recipe book, not of food, but of local food solutions. Let’s get cooking!

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